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Big Data Tool

How well do you know your top customers?

Many marketing companies promise to deliver more customers to your door. They may offer expensive, difficult-to-use solutions and leave you wondering whether all the time and money you spent paid off. Even if they meet the promise of bringing you more customers, how do you know they’re the RIGHT customers?

Our Big Data Tool transforms your transaction data into demographic, geographic, psychographic, and economic attributes used to identify and understand your customers in order for you to get more of your best customers and also track the success of your business decisions and marketing efforts.

Signature’s Big Data Tool allows you to:

  • Identify “who” your customers are and where they come from
  • Engage in more effective marketing and advertising
  • Enhance promotions and loyalty campaigns
  • Make smarter product pricing and inventory decisions
  • Decide where to open new locations and build smarter business plans
  • Measure the performance of sales, locations, and campaigns
  • Access to marketing consultation and campaign management.

To create your Big Data account, contact us at 800-631-3072 and request Tranzlogic setup.

To log in to your Big Data account, click here.